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Using a public computer

A public computer is a computer available in a public area and used by many different people throughout the day. Some places where public computers may be available are libraries, schools, or facilities run by government. Personal information entered on a public computer may be viewed by other people using the computer if care is not taken. When using public computers, you should always use log off or exit features to clear your information. Closing the browser window or going to another Web site is not enough to remove your data. In order to further safeguard your personal information, you may identify your computer access as "Public" for this site and the Web site will clear all your data after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Using a personal computer

A personal computer is typically used by a single person or family. Data on a personal computer is usually not seen by unauthorized people. If you are the only person with access to the data you enter on this site, select "Private" as your computer access type. The data will not time out after inactivity. You will need to exit the site or close the browser in order to clear the data. If you are using a personal computer and do not want another person in your home accessing your data, you may choose the "Public" option.

Confidentiality and computer access

Please choose the type of computer you are using below. Choosing "Public" means your data will be cleared after 10 minutes of inactivity. Choosing "Private" means your data will be available until you log out or close your browser.